Dra. Ibone Olza

Psiquiatría infantil y perinatal

Perinatal Psychiatrist

was born in Leuven, Belgium, in 1970, and grew up in Pamplona, Spain. I graduated from High School in Nova Scotia, Canada. I attended medical school at the University of Navarre and trained at Université Catholique de Louvain, in Brussels  (where I did my 5th year of Medicine as an ERASMUS) and McGill University in Montreal, Canada (where I took a summer elective in Child Psychiatry at Montreal´s Children´s Hospital). I did my residency in psychiatry at Hospital Clinico Universitario of Zaragoza, became board certified psychiatrist in 1998 and finished my Ph.D. thesis by 1999 at University of Zaragoza. I have worked as a child and perinatal psychiatrist in Spanish public health system for the past 19 years and as an Associate Professor for 5 years at two different Faculties of Medicine.

As a researcher I have been the leader of a multidisciplinary team investigating the effects of intrapartum synthetic oxytocin use. I am the author of 4 books, 10 book chapters, over 20 scientific papers and have written many articles for general journals and magazines.  I often give courses and talks to both professionals and general audience in topics such as neurobiology of attachment, extended breastfeeding  or traumatic childbirth. As an activist I have defended women´s and children´s rights in different forums, being a member of a Via Lactea, Spains oldest breastfeeding support group, and cofounder of the forum “Apoyocesareas” and “Childbirth is ours”, a consumer group that promotes respectful evidence-based obstetric care in Spain.

I am passionate about helping women enjoy motherhood and attach healthily to their infants. I am a mother of three and my own personal experience has helped me understand how complex and challenging motherhood can be. As a psychiatrist I try to work in a non medicalized way, minimizing the need for drugs and promoting healthy habits. As a psychotherapist I am experienced in integrative treatments utilizing evidence-based approaches, with a holistic framework. I especially like attachment theory and Ecotherapy principles. I provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, pharmacological and psychotherapeutic care and also consultations/second opinions for patients and their physicians.

As a perinatal psychiatrist I specialize in issues of the childbearing years including:

-          Psychiatric Disorders During Pregnancy. Emotional health during pregnancy.

-          Breastfeeding support and psychiatric medications

-          Pospartum psychiatric disorders: including depression, anxiety, PTSD

-          Fertility and mental health: struggles with infertility.

-          Grief and loss during pregnancy and postpartum: pregnancy loss and termination.

-          Early parentig and infant attachment issues

I currently work at  EQUIPO ACTUA, Calle Pintor Ribera 2, Madrid.

TEL:  913509809 / 650 629 086